Why Choose Me?

It is certainly possible to assemble Flat Pack furniture on Your own, but there are many advantages to having it Professionally assembled.

I am a local assembler that is New to the area with over 15 Years of Experience Specializing in Product Assembly and there are specialized methods that I employ to make sure your Item is assembled with as little stress as possible.  A Poorly assembled product will eventually fail prematurely.  This is from incorrect methods due to insufficient instructions included with the Item.

I will also inspect the Item prior to assembly to determine if there are any manufacturing defects and You will be notified if there are any issues before proceeding.  At this point you may return your item if desired with No Assembly Charge if You cannot obtain a replacement.

Can’t I just get my General Contractor/Handyman to Assemble the Product for me?

While a Jack of All Trades, Master of None is required to have for multiple home renovation projects, Specialization has numerous advantages.  My Focus is on getting your item assembled correctly and quickly.  My rates are below what they can offer.

I am a Professional Assembly Technician who has worked for various companies like Home Depot and IKEA for over 10 years.  The expertise I have allows me to assemble items in a fraction of the time most Handymen can accomplish.

The Retailer I purchased from Provides Free Assembly and Delivery, Why Would I Still need a Professional Assembly Service?

Some Big Box Retailers offer a “Free Assembly & Delivery” on certain Items,  what You may not realize is that the Product(s) is dropped off in your Driveway, and sometimes Curbside.

If your Item needs to be moved to a specific location, such as Up to the second floor of your Home, then it is your responsibility to complete the move.

You could hire a Mover(s) to relocate your Item, assuming your product will fit up the stairs and corridors of your Home or Apartment.  However, hiring Movers for this could cost more than just having it professionally assembled in the first place.

What Payment Methods do you Accept?

I accept Cash, Money Order and Credit Card Payments (Paypal Online).  All Credit Card payments will incur a 3.5% Processing Fee.  Please note that any Parking Fees required to complete the service may be included with the Assembly Fees.

How Long does Assembly normally take?

Assembly time varies greatly from one Product to the Next.  Generally it takes about 1-2 Hours for Flat Pack/Boxed Furniture and 2-3 Hours for a BBQ or Grill.

How Soon can I have my Item Assembled?

I normally require 1-2 Days booking time and strive for Same Week service, however this can change depending on how busy it is.

Are You available Weekends and Holidays?

Yes.  I am available on Holidays and Weekends.  Weekends are often Busy, so please book early to avoid delays.  We may be available on Certain Holidays throughout the Year.  Please contact us for Details.

Will you take the Packaging Away?

Yes.  The Work Area will be cleaned up and left the way it was before arriving.  All Packing Materials will be gathered then  discarded with your curbside pickup unless otherwise specified.

Will you move my assembled Item to Another location?

Some items with casters such as BBQ’s and TV Carts can be moved short distances at or near the original elevation.  Larger items will need to be assembled where you would like it’s final placement.

Do you offer a Disassembly and Reassembly Service?

Flat Pack and Boxed Furniture are not designed to be taken apart and then re-assembled.  Although it is possible it is not recommended and the client assumes all risk.  BBQ Grills may be disassembled but it is not advisable due to possible issues with corrosion making parts immobile.